Welcome to ARESTA

The Agency for Refugee Education, Skills Training & Advocacy (ARESTA) is a Cape Town based Nonprofit Organisation with a satellite in  East London.

ARESTA provides education and skills training to refugees, asylum seekers and South Africans, helping them develop their own strengths in order for them to become self-reliant. Moreover, the organisation empowers South Africans and foreign nationals on social cohesion, mediation and peace building through workshops in local communities. Furthermore, ARESTA provides refugee legal assistance, policy reform, refugee right awareness and health interpretation through its advocacy department.


That refugees are integrated into South African society and enjoy full democratic rights and benefits.

Our Mission

To contribute to the successful integration as a solution for asylum seekers and refugees through advocacy, training, skills development, education and research.

Who is a refugee?
A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster and is recognised by the receiving country's government.

Who is an asylum seeker?
An asylum seeker is a person who has lodged an application for asylum with the Department of Home Affairs and who is waiting for a decision on refugee status.

Who is an economic migrant?

An economic migrant is a person who moves from one region, place, or country to another in order to improve his or her standard of living.


Who is an illegal immigrant?

An illegal immigrant is a person who enters and remains in a country without a valid visa or permit from that country, or who has overstayed the duration of a visa that has been granted, or whose visa has been cancelled.


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